Glasshopper Album Launch (1st show)

This event contains digital content (live streaming or video on demand)

Glasshopper are delighted to finally celebrate the release of their debut 'Fortune Rules’ at the Vortex.

Released in October 2020 with Norwegian Label AMP Music & Records, the record is an abstract tale that plunges into deep electric landscapes and raises into territory that suspends in the air. The evening will be a unique opportunity for the trio to invite album guests Sylvia Schmidt and Ed Begley to perform.



Jonathan Chung - saxophone

James Kitchman - guitar

Corrie Dick - drums



Genre provoking trio Glasshopper, is an exciting group born out of a love for melody and improvisation. Led by its saxophonist Jonathan Chung, the trio brings together the creative minds of guitarist James Kitchman and drummer Corrie Dick.

This unit of focused players explore melody and improvisation with complete reverence and abandon, intricately weaving together moments of sonic bliss and euphoric rock-outs. Always aspiring to search for fresh interpretations, the bass-less line up blurs the lines between the jazz, folk and rock realms. Seldom settling, always searching.


'Combining acoustic and electronic elements with the human voice and drawing on the world of literature for inspiration the trio have developed a sound and aesthetic that is very much their own’ ★★★★ - The Jazzmann

'I saw the trio play at the London Jazz Festival last year and was absolutely mesmerised. They have an incredible use of effects, especially on both the saxophone and guitar which results in a really expansive sound.' - Seonaid Aitken, Jazz Nights on BBC Radio Scotland

'The sax-guitar-drums trio of Jonathan Chung, James Kitchman and Corrie Ter Dick in the Royal Festival Hall Foyer brought a clear and crystalline, expansive sound with subtle shadings, riding the tides between jazz and post-rock... We're looking forward to their debut album, recorded and previewed earlier this year, featuring sublime guest-vocalist Sylvia Schmidt-Silas, and characterised by angular interplay, dark delay-drenched atmospheres and arresting moments of exquisite beauty' - AJ Dehany, London Jazz news